Vintage genteleman's valet stand

I never realized how much I needed a vintage valet stand in my life until I starting using one. I found this cute little piece at an estate sale for $12. I envisioned displaying wreaths to sell on it at my next pop-up market. It’s perfect for this because it’s light weight, it can roll around if I need to quickly rearrange my space AND I can stick a price tag on it and probably double or triple my initial investment. #nobrainer I snatched it up and my life hasn’t been the same since.

When I first brought it into the house, I planned to take it immediately to the storage area in my basement and deal with it later (per usual). But, I thought it was so cute and I just wanted to look at it for a little bit. So, I sat it in my living room and left it there over the weekend. After a few weeks, it started to look like it belonged there. It had just the right vibe and I warmed up to the idea of keeping it upstairs. Now, unlike the random set of wooden crutches that I like to display in my hallway from time to time, I felt like the valet stand needed a purpose. And, since repurposing is one of my passions, the wheels started turning.

I combined my idea of a wreath display with the original purpose of the valet stand tray to make a cute decorative and functional piece where we can drop our keys when we come in the front door.  I dug around the basement and found a cute pair of rain boots that my nephew had outgrown, put some tulips in them and set them on the valet stand rack. 

Valet stand with wreath and flowers

Cute, right? And I loved having a designated place for my keys. Anything to end the eternal search for the keys at our house is a blessing.

Key holder

But the story doesn't end there.

I am TERRIBLE at mornings. I’m not a night owl either. I really peak for about four hours in the middle of day. If I could just start my day a little better, I think it would really boost my productivity. Take today for example, I didn’t do a single thing besides drink orange juice and let the dog out before 10am. Now, it’s the middle of the day and in two hours, I’ve knocked out about 17 things on my to-do list.

One of my biggest problems with mornings (besides the being awake when I would rather be asleep part) is finding my clothes. Getting all the components of an outfit together is difficult (especially when you're mad that you're awake in the first place).

Here’s a typical morning: I find the shirt I want to wear, but the compression tank that must go under it is MIA. I finally remember that it’s in the laundry room, so I run down there. Then I have to find pants, but before I pick my pants, I need to decide which shoes to wear and if I’ll need socks. Once I pick the shoes, I can then pick the pants. Depending on which pants I go with, I may or may not need different underwear than the ones I pulled out of the drawer at the beginning of the process. #exhausting

By the time I’m dressed and ready to go, I’m already fighting the losing battle against being late. And I’m grumpy.

After one of these mornings, I walked through the living room, saw the valet stand and had a light bulb moment. Valet stands were traditionally used for men’s clothing and accessories, but I was about to break through the gender barrier and hang my lady clothes all over it. I was going to fill that tray at the top with my jewelry and hang my scarves from one of the hooks. Yes, this gentleman’s valet stand was about to become a lady’s best friend.

Vintage valet stand for a lady

Don't I look organized and put together? Seriously, laying my outfits out actually helped me step up my wardrobe game because I wasn't pulling something out of the dirty clothes hamper in desperation. (Just kidding, I would NEVER do that. Gotcha! I totally used to do that...before I had the valet stand, of course.)

Now, I often implement new organizational tactics to make my life better and I rarely stick with them. This is not one of those cases. I LOVE how using this valet stand has made my mornings easier. I get everything together the night before and then I just grab it in the morning. Everything from my underoos to my earrings are ready to go! (Underoos not pictured because you don't need to see that, but doesn't my jewelry look fancy?!?!?) 

Vintage valet stand with jewelry

I am now on the hunt for at least two more because I need one to use at pop-up markets and another to put in my entry hall. And, having three of things you love is better than just one. Wish me luck! 

Repurposing a vintage gentleman’s valet stand

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  • February 5, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    My DIL gave my husband a valet and I took it over. I use it for clothes for me. Love it.

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